Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together?
Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.
― Emery Allen  (via bodv)

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2:18 pm  •  19 October 2014  •  96,458 notes

My dad has cancer. My dad has pancreatic cancer. My dad has metastatic pancreatic cancer, stage four. My dad’s chance of survival is non existent.

I’ve been a shitty friend because that’s all that’s on my mind. I’ve been a shitty sibling because I can’t commiserate over an ailing father or make funeral plans. I have been a shitty daughter to my mother because I can’t console her over the love of her life’s impending death because that’s my dad. That’s my best friend.

I know the world is bigger than me and my problems but right now, I am just my father’s daughter. I have good days where I just go to see him and make him laugh and shoot the shit, and forget he is sick at all. Those are the best. Chemo days are the worst. I watch his hair thin and hear him vomit and the life is just gone from his eyes. It breaks me.

It will get better, or I will get better at being active and nurture my friendships again, specifically ours. I’m sorry I’ve been gone, Edison. We are all fighting hard battles. You’re just much more graceful than I am.

But, I’ve bought my dad enough weed to last him the rest of his life, so I’m pretty sure I have Daughter of the Year in the bag.

I miss you. I hope you’re doing great and I am going to hug the shit out of you the next time I see you.

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